Our 8th Annual Paint It Forward Charity Event Is Coming Up!

Well, our favorite time of year is here again!

Every year we look for a local family, individual, or nonprofit organization that could benefit from receiving up to $5,000 of FREE painting services. This is an opportunity to not only meet a critical, tangible need, but also rally around and support those who need encouragement.

What Can YOU Do?

  1. Submit a nomination (more on that below!)
  2. Help us spread the word on social media (the more nominations the better)
  3. Stay tuned to Facebook for updates and event information

Tell Us About Someone in Need

Specifically, we’re looking for nominations that include:

  • Nonprofit organizations that can’t afford maintenance and updates
  • Individuals or families in need
  • Those who have invested heavily in the lives of others and/or their community, leaving themselves without the necessary time or finances to maintain their own home

Here's a Closer Look at Last Year's Event

You'll quickly see why we enjoy this opportunity to give back so much!

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