Interior Pricing

All wall surfaces are figured for 8’ high ceilings. If you have 10’ high then add 25%.

Small Bath 5X8 Wall surface 190 sq ft. $146.00
Ceiling Surface 36 sq ft. $37.00
One side door & casing $93.00
Baseboards 24 ln ft. $31.00
Small Room 10×12 Walls surface 352 sq ft $244.00
Ceiling surface 120 sq ft. $127.00
One side door & casing $93.00
Base boards 44 ln ft. $54.00
Medium Room 12×15 wall surface 432 sqft. $299.00
Ceiling surface 180 sqft $190.00
One side door & casing $93.00
Base boards 54 ln ft. $66.00
Large Room 15×20 Wall surface 560 sqft. $390.00
Ceiling surface 300 sqft $317.00
One side door & casing $93.00
Base boards 70 ln ft. $85.00

Exterior Pricing

The following three examples give you an approximation of our pricing on various homes.

This two-story home is roughly 12 years old and ranges from $5,500-$8,500.


The following single story home is around 12 years old and ranges from $4,00-$5,500.


The following home is around 30 years old and ranges from $3,000-$4,500.


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