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7 Tips for Finding a Trustworthy Painting Contractor

7 Tips for Finding a Trustworthy Painting Contractor

May 16, 2017

Finding a quality contractor for a home improvement project is invaluable. It’s the difference between a smooth, fun transformation, and feeling like you’re the one chasing details and ensuring that the work is done well.

So, how can you find a true professional that provides peace of mind and solutions to questions or concerns?

Here are a few essential tips to keep in mind.

How To Find an Awesome Painting Contractor

#1 Trust Your Intuition

In conjunction with the other attributes below, intuition should definitely be factored into the equation. So, does you prospective painting contractor give you a good feeling? Painting is a personal process, and if you feel uneasy you should move on.

#2 Is Your Time Valued?

Punctuality, keeping appointments, and displaying a high level of organization is essential. After all, you’re asking them to manage a project with many moving parts.

#3 Is Your Estimate Clear?

Your estimate should be organized and comprehensive. Every detail, including what prep work and repairs are included or recommended, must be clearly outlined.

#4 Quality Products

Cheap products are not a cost-savings opportunity, and a professional painting contractor knows this (and cares). For more on why quality products are worth the investment, take a look at this article we shared a little while back: Is Paying More for High-Quality Exterior Paint Really Worth It?

#5 How Will Your Home Be Protected?

Interior painting involves careful prep, cleaning, and measures taken to protect your floors and furniture. Exterior painting should carefully preserve your landscaping and property. Be sure to ask your painting contractor what steps will be taken to ensure everything is left in the same condition it’s currently in.

#6 Ask About Licensing, Insurance, and Warranties

If your painting contractor isn’t licensed or insured, check them off your list.

Ask about warranties too, and what kind of coverage you can expect post-project.

#7 Check Past Projects and Client Reviews

You have a huge opportunity right at your fingertips to learn more about your prospective contractor. You can start be reading reviews, and especially focusing on how they have responded to the occasional (sometimes inevitable) negative review too. This will tell you volumes about how they care for their clients and reputation.

Also check their online portfolios, if available, or ask where else you can review their past work.

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