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  • Cabinet Painting: Creating a New Look For Your Central Valley Kitchen

Cabinet Painting: Creating a New Look For Your Central Valley Kitchen

Cabinet Painting: Creating a New Look For Your Central Valley Kitchen

Oct 12, 2017

When it comes to kitchen styles, your options are wide open, and totally up to you. A color scheme that works for one homeowner might not be what someone else wants to look at every day. The beauty of interior painting is that it can be customizable based on your tastes. That said, it certainly helps to have a style guideline to narrow your options!

Exploring Kitchen Styles with Interior Paint

In a recent kitchen painting project, the homeowner began with a country-style kitchen. Features like the barn-red backsplash and the light woodgrain cabinets really contributed to the farmhouse aesthetic, but that style is not for everyone. They felt it was time for a change, and opted for a more modern look.

When shifting to a specifically modern interior style, there are a few elements that can combine to help you achieve just the right look. They can range from paint, to materials, to decoration. Let’s take a look at a few...

Modern kitchen design styles

  • Limiting your color choice, both in boldness and range, makes for a very modern style. Notice the shift away from dark red and warm oak, to a cleaner universal color theme.
  • Choosing white as the basis for your color palate offers a clean, ultra-modern feel. In this case, appliances like the stove and microwave blend perfectly into the new aesthetic.
  • Stone or metal countertops provide a dense, noticeable contrast to the clean and delicate whites, making them the perfect natural complement to a modern style.
  • Area lighting and island arrangement both served this project well. Freestanding decor and spread-out layouts are both aspects that add to a modern interior feel.

Transform Your Kitchen Style With Cabinet Painting

Once you decide on a feel for your kitchen, you can begin selecting colors based on popular palettes that will guide you towards accomplishing that goal. Interior painting is one the quickest and most effective ways to revolutionize any space in your home!

In this particular project, the homeowner redecorated with the same items, but the feel has been fundamentally transformed by their paint choices!

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