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Common Questions and Answers for our 1-Day Floor Coating System

Common Questions and Answers for our 1-Day Floor Coating System

Jan 22, 2019

As you may have seen over on our Facebook page, people are really loving our 1-Day floor coating system! This system will seal your concrete flooring, protecting it from impact, moisture and weather damage.

To help you learn more about this process, we have compiled a list of common questions about our floor coatings, and the answers.

1. Can you offer ballpark estimates?

After people see pictures of our recent projects, they often reach out to schedule appointments for their own homes. One of the most common questions we get asked is whether or not we can give out a general estimate.

We could, but we feel that this just wouldn’t be very responsible! Every project is different. Not only do we coat, but we also fill cracks and make minor repairs. That means that we need to SEE the surface to offer an accurate estimate.

2. Are your coatings slippery?

Nope! One of the coolest feature of our floor coatings is that they have the texture of an orange peel. When finished, this actually adds traction rather than reducing it.

We all know that concrete can become very slippery when wet. This floor coating adds an extra level of safety by providing a non-slip surface.

3. Can you coat outdoors surfaces too?


Absolutely! We have applied our 1-Day concrete floor coatings to all kinds of outdoor surfaces. Patios, driveways, poolside spaces, walkways, and more! The options are endless.

4. Can you really do the work in 1 DAY?

This is another proud feature of our 1-Day floor coatings. We can do small projects, all the way up to a standard 3-car garage in just one day! That’s impressive.

This service keeps your busy schedule moving. There’s no downtime and no working around our team in your home for a long period.

5. Can you add logos or designs?


One of our favorite parts about our custom 1-Day floor coatings is that we can add the coolest designs. We’ve added initials, team logos, university logos, and more. Or, we can create unique color styles with the broadcast of your choice. We hope that this helps you with your research. Remember, it is always best to make an informed decision. If you have any more questions, or are ready for an estimate, please reach out to our friendly team!

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