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Create Your Oasis with Paint

Create Your Oasis with Paint

Apr 13, 2018

Close your eyes and imagine your most perfect space. How does it make you feel? Relaxed? Calm? Energized and ready to take on the world? Your home should make you feel all of these things. Keep those feelings in mind as you choose and improve your house. Resale value is important, but your home is an oasis. Treat it kindly.

Home is Where You Invest

Median home values in our area are more than $280,000. All in all, your home is most likely your greatest investment. It’s where you relax on the weekends. It’s where you raise your children. It’s where you invest your dreams. It’s where you live. As caretaker, in addition to handling all the mechanics of home ownership, done forget to take the time to create a space that nurtures your soul. A place that makes you happy every time you open the front door.

Good Bones

Chances are, your home has good bones. It is structurally sound and it provides a safe respite for you and your family. But how do you move beyond that? How can you create that feeling of a retreat? One way is through paint.

Minimal Cost, Huge Return

New paint opens a whole new opportunity to customize your home, without the costs associated with major renovations. We each have a personal reaction to color; it evokes specific feelings and sometimes stirs old memories. You may gravitate toward yellow in the kitchen because your grandmother’s kitchen was buttery-yellow, and you remember sitting around the kitchen table when she’d make pie. The memories and the colors are entwined, bringing a sense of history and comfort. They help to create that oasis feeling.

Choose What Makes You Happy

And keep in mind that’s different for every person, and remember that’s the beauty of paint. There are hundreds of hues and saturations to choose from. If you want to make a change, pick what makes you happy right now. Don’t worry overmuch about what will be trending five or six years from now. Paint isn’t a forever commitment.

Do it Right

The old adage is true. Any job worth doing is worth doing well. It’s especially true when choosing a professional for your project. Look for dedicated craftspeople with experience and knowledge to ensure that your home really becomes the oasis you want it to be. Ready to get started? Your oasis awaits.

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