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Exterior Painting Services in Modesto: Step One in Trifecta Transformation

Exterior Painting Services in Modesto: Step One in Trifecta Transformation

Sep 17, 2018

Want to feel like you moved into a brand new home? Start with exterior paint to kick off your total transformation. Read on for painting ideas and more to update your little corner of the world.

Choose New Exterior Paint for Dramatic Change

When you moved into your home, be it a new build, or a classic vintage, there was a lot to do. From the actual move to making certain the interior suited your immediate needs, chances are exterior paint color wasn’t high on your to-do list, provided it was in good repair. Now that you’ve lived in the house, your personal taste is more evident, and what better way to showcase that personality than with new exterior paint?

You can follow current color trends, or follow your own mind when it comes to color choice. If you’re uncertain about making a big change, work with a color consultant to fine tune the look you’d like to achieve. It’s the first step in creating a new canvas.

Exterior Transformation Through Lighting

Paint isn’t the only tool in your transformation tool kit. Exterior lighting on your home and throughout your landscaping can completely alter your home’s appearance. In addition to lighting for security, front porch lighting options can set the tone for your individual style, be it craftsman, modern or more traditional. Today’s solar lighting options are more energy efficient and easier to install than traditional hard-wired lighting. Landscape lighting can create an inviting path to your front door, and spot lights can play with shadows and accent your landscaping as well.

Landscaping for Increased Curb Appeal

Set yourself up for a transformation trifecta by switching out, or adding to your current landscaping. Step across the street and take a look at your home. Is the shrubbery overgrown, encroaching windows and sidewalks? Consider removing landscaping elements that are beyond their prime, and incorporating plantings that complement your new color choice, and serve to frame your home at the same time. Get more benefits from your transformation by choosing native California plants that can not only survive, but thrive in local growing conditions.

Make a Plan for Your Exterior Transformation

Instead of looking at each element individually, look at your exterior as a whole, encompassing exterior paint, landscaping and lighting. Knowing the plan before work begins will make your life easier, and your transformation that much quicker.

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