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Garage Floor Coatings in Turlock - So Much More Than Paint!

Garage Floor Coatings in Turlock - So Much More Than Paint!

Dec 19, 2018

When people see our 1-Day concrete floor coatings on our Facebook page, the question we get asked most often is whether or not this is just concrete paint? The short answer is no! Our 1-Day floor system is so much more than a coat of paint.

The coating is made out of polyurea and is applied in three coats. Polyurea is not paint. Without getting into the molecular science, polyurea is a synthetic polymer. Because of its chemical makeup, polyurea is waterproof, abrasion resistant and extremely durable.

While pure polyurea makes up the base coat, the top coat of the flooring is sealed with polyaspartic polyurea. This hybrid polyurea is UV resistant, thus adding an additional layer of protection for your concrete floors.

Paint vs. Lancasters 1-Day floor coatings

Why is this good news for your cement floor? Painted cement floors will eventually chip and peel. Also, due to the thin sealing coat, they can also be extremely slippery when wet.

Our One-Day concrete floor coatings have none of these issues!

  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Resistant to abrasions and impact
  • Waterproof
  • Slip-resistant to protect against falls
  • 4x stronger than epoxy
  • UV resistant

The process to install these floor coatings is not a one step process. Without proper preparation, the polyurea would not be able to bond with the concrete surface.

Prep is key

Starting with a clean floor, the team will carefully go through and seal all cracks, dents and damage to the garage floor. If there are dips or uneven surfaces, these must be treated before the floor coating is applied. This step is important to because you don’t want a floor that is uneven.

we will bring in industrial sized grinders to prep the concrete. These grinders will clean off any dirt, old concrete paint and create an even surface without dips or divots. This step is extremely important and must not be rushed.



Layer up

The next step to achieving the perfect flooring is to add the actual floor coating. This floor coating is comprised of three layers:

  • Base: Penntek’s 100% solids, self-priming, pure polyurea basecoat
  • Flakes: Vinyl flakes that come in an array of colors. Mix and match for a custom look
  • Topcoat: UV stable polyaspartic clear coat.

After each layer is applied, the team meticulously goes over the entire surface to make sure that it is applied in a thick, even coat.

Customers love our 1-Day floor coating system for a variety of reasons. Our floor coatings provide protection against impact, stains, water damage and UV rays. They are stylish, and can be color customized to fit your style.

Don’t forget the warranty!

Of course, a flooring system is only as good as the warranty that backs it. All certified Penntek floors come with a two part warranty:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 15-year Product Warranty

To learn more about what this warranty includes, contact us today.

These floor coatings are not another concrete paint. They are a durable, layered polyurea system that will seal and protect your floors for life.

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