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Getting the Most out of Your Gazebo in the Central Valley

Getting the Most out of Your Gazebo in the Central Valley

Oct 30, 2017

Let’s talk gazebos! We recently had the chance to paint a stylish little gazebo in the Central Valley, and we thought we’d take the opportunity to talk about these unsung heros of outdoor enjoyment.

Like front porches and hammocks, gazebos make for quality outdoor hangout spaces. They’re a perfect happy medium for our sunny climate, providing some breezy relaxation out of the direct sunlight.

Because they tend to be smaller, gazebos also offer a chance to let your personal touches shine. With a little inspiration and some creative drive, you can have a sturdy, weatherproof nook that’s just the way you like it. The sky’s the limit!

Gazebo Hangout Tips

  • Placement is key. Patios, picnic areas, or poolside spots...these are all great choices if you plan to use your gazebo to entertain. If you’re looking for a cozy getaway, consider a more private backyard spot. Avoid wet, low ground and young trees that will grow and invade your space.
  • Decorate your hangout. Whether you’re going for a secluded reading spot or a shady escape from the party, you’ll want to give your gazebo some flair! Try out gossamer curtains, comfortable cushions, wind chimes, and different lighting styles to make your gazebo the perfect place to hang out.
  • Bring in the nature. Spice up your gazebo by installing a flower garden around the base, or plan your placement around a pond or water fixture. You can also hang up a hummingbird feeder and some potted plants to flesh out the space, creating your very own natural getaway.

Preserving the Lifespan of Your Gazebo

Looking for a pro tip to make your gazebo last a lifetime? Have it painted prior to construction.

While most folks will pick a location and assemble their gazebo before calling in the professional painters, having the pieces painted separately, before construction, is an ever smarter option.

Rather than painting into the eaves and corner to achieve visible coverage, painting the wood pieces prior to assembly allows for maximum protection against the elements.

With our torrential downpours and dry heat, natural wood has a struggle ahead of it. Moisture seeps into the joints and causes rot over time. When high quality, weatherproof paint is applied to every inch of the wood, it creates a complete seal that protects and sustains it for years to come.

Need Your Gazebo or Porch Painted in the Central Valley?

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