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Is Paying More for High-Quality Exterior Paint Really Worth It?

Is Paying More for High-Quality Exterior Paint Really Worth It?

Apr 28, 2017

It’s easy to get paint can sticker shock, especially when you’re investing in the volume of product needed to cover your home. We’ve seen homeowners then start to gravitate toward cheaper, bargain-brand options, thinking that it might be a harmless opportunity to save money.

After all, paint is paint, right?

Actually, no. In fact, you might be surprised to know that buying cheap products now will ultimately drive up your costs in the long-run.

Let’s take a look at why!

Why Is Premium Paint Worth the Investment?

It starts with the ingredients (just like your favorite meal at a local restaurant).

Here are the primary players in the paint formula:

  • Solvent – Liquid that ensures the binders and pigments stay in a suspended state
  • Binders – Come together to create the paint film as the solvent evaporates
  • Additives – Determine drying time and other features of the curing process
  • Pigment – This is essentially the color of your paint

In combination with proper surface preparation, cleaning, and application techniques, the quality of these ingredients determine how well your exterior paint will perform over the years.

So, What Does High-Quality Exterior Paint Really Offer?

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  • Longevity - Good paint simply lasts longer and stands up to the rigors of the environment more effectively.
  • Color Retention - Nobody wants to watch the color they fell in love with fade into something unrecognizable...
  • Durability and Protection - Remember, your exterior paint isn’t just an attractive facade. It protects your home’s surfaces against breakdown due to UV exposure, mold, mildew, pest intrusion, rot, moisture, and more! It’s a first line of defense.
  • Ease of Application - Good paint goes further during the application process than low-grade alternatives.
  • Value - Quality shows!

So, how can better paint products provide tangible savings? Over the lifetime of your home (or the time you spend living there), painting less frequently is more cost-effective than painting more often with cheap materials. Between the beauty of the finished product and the enhanced protection it provides, you’ll never regret making the initial investment.

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