Nothing beats the natural grain finish of a good hardwood ceiling. In stucco homes like this one, the hardwood planks add some extra character, while also breaking up the texture of the home’s exterior.

Hardwood makes for great ceilings, both practically and style-wise. They’re perfect for outdoor recreation areas like porches and gazebos. When properly treated, the wood will last just about forever. When it’s maintained regularly with oil-based stain, it will always hold onto its original shine.

Patio Ceiling Painting in the Central Valley

This homeowner had a wood plank ceiling that ran the length of their outdoor patio. The ceiling was built with a slight gable and had three overhead fans installed for air flow. The ceiling style was unique, and it complemented the brick side wall and the freshly painted stucco exterior. All it needed was some freshening up!

When it comes to ceiling staining, the process should always be handled with due diligence and preparation...

  • The floor has to be completely covered.
  • The side walls should be draped to prevent dripping.
  • The wood should be sanded with a fine grit, to remove the surface layer and allow the stain to penetrate most effectively.

For this ceiling, we used Sherwin-Williams SuperDeck Exterior Stain, an oil-based stain that repels water and inhibits mold and mildew. Needless to say, this is a favorite choice for outdoor construction. It dries quickly, offers superior protection, and highlights the wood grain with a bright and natural finish.

Oil-Based Stain for a Gazebo Ceiling

While the process of painting the gazebo ceiling was similar to that of the patio, it posed its own unique challenge. Can you spot the reason why it’s different? You guessed it: the hot tub. We’re not talking about covering or working around the hot tub during staining, but rather the increased moisture and chemical exposure that the gazebo ceiling would face.

While the overhead fans help with air circulation, the combination of chlorine, sodium, and steam put this ceiling at risk of aging and developing moisture damage. This ceiling in particular needed to be coated and protected with a high quality oil-based stain

For the gazebo, we used Armstrong-Clark Oil-Based Wood Stain in a semi-transparent Sierra Redwood. Armstrong-Clark is known for its non-drying oils, which are designed to penetrate deep into the wood, preserving it from the inside. Made with a combination of vegetable oils, water repellents, conditioning oils, and mildewcides, this stain offered the perfect level of protection for the gazebo ceiling.

With their ceilings treated with fresh oil-based stains, these homeowners can enjoy their hot tub and patio without worrying about damage or weathering!

Need Professional Wood Staining Services?

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