Have you seen our 1-Day floor coatings? If not, you definitely need to head over to our Facebook page and check them out. This floor coating system is becoming popular in the Central Valley.

We have a team on our Facebook page who are ready to answer questions, and people have had some GREAT questions!

With this in mind, we thought that it would be an appropriate time to go over some of the questions that we see most frequently. If you have a question that isn’t on this list, don’t hesitate to ask.

Can I DIY This Coating?

As craftsmen ourselves, we appreciate the homeowners who enjoy DIY’ing projects. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as finishing a project that you created with your own hands.

Unfortunately, this is not a DIY friendly project. Big box stores offer epoxy products and floor paint that you can install on your own, but these products do not compare to our floor coatings.

  • Our team became fully-certified after going through extensive training. We are an official Penntek dealer.
  • We use industrial-grade equipment. Have you seen our grinder photos on Facebook? This grinder is one of the most crucial parts of the preparation process and the equipment is hard to come by.
  • Polyurea and epoxy are very different! Polyurea is 4x stronger than epoxy, it will never crack peel or chip and is slip resistant!
  • Our flooring comes with a 15 year warranty!

Do You Coat More Than Garages?

Garages are one of our more popular projects, but we can coat outdoor surfaces as well. Many of our customers have also had their patios, poolside spaces, walkways and driveways coated. Not only is our 1-Day floor coating slip resistant, but it will also protect your concrete from the elements!

Do Your Concrete Coatings Have an Odor?

The smell of epoxy is strong and lingers. Fortunately, the same cannot be said for our coatings.

Our polyurea system adheres much, much quicker than epoxy. Plus, it is a low-VOC formula. This means that it doesn’t have much of a chemical odor and is much more environmentally friendly. It is even safe enough to coat indoor surfaces with little ventilation.

How Long Is Drying Time?

Epoxy takes at least 5 days (or longer) to dry. Believe it or not, our 1-Day floor coatings are:

  • Safe to walk on after 12 hours.
  • Safe to move items back in after 24 hours.
  • Safe to drive on in JUST 48 hours!

Is It Slippery?

Slippery surfaces are a huge safety concern. Since we coat both indoor and outdoor surfaces, this is a common question. The short answer is no! The texture is similar to an orange peel and exceeds the traction requirements outlined by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

If you want to increase the traction even more, we can include a special additive. This might be a great choice for pools and steps.

Central Valley’s First Choice For 1-Day Floor Coatings

Are you excited about our 1-Day floor coatings yet? We hope that this Q&A has helped you learn a little more about our system. In addition to 1-Day floor concrete floor coatings, we also offer a full range of house painting services including interior or exterior painting, and cabinet refinishing. If you have any questions or want to set up a free estimate, fill out our online form.