While our painting services are still in full swing, there’s no doubt that our 1-DAY concrete coating division is enjoying a LOT of attention.

It’s not not too hard to see why, either.

From patios to poolside spaces, garage floors to front porches, we’re adding protection, value, and style to countless surfaces throughout the Turlock and Modesto areas.

One of our most popular recent projects has been a garage floor we just finished in Turlock - it’s been turning some serious heads on Facebook! Join us for a closer look at the full transformation, and we’ll point out the highlights along the way.

Starting with a Normal Garage Floor

When we start the process, we check for overall condition and any potential issues. One of our estimators will perform a quick concrete analysis too.

A lot of our potential clients wonder why we can’t offer ballpark estimates - this is why. Every concrete surface is unique, and the numerous variables all impact the pricing substantially.

Prepping the Garage Floor Before Coating

We can fill and mend cracks and smaller points of damage, similar to prepping a wall before painting. The key is to create a sound, solid surface that the coatings can really adhere too. After all, we offer a 15-year residential warranty. Long-term performance is our goal!

Applying the Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

Remember, this isn’t your dad’s epoxy system.

Polyurea has changed the concrete coating game, providing 4x the strength of traditional epoxy, greater flexibility, faster curing times, and better long-term performance.

A Full Garage Floor Coating Installed - 1-DAY Transformation!

Quite a difference, isn’t it?

If you have any questions about our concrete coating services or system, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to share details with you!