Here at Lancaster Painting, we paint a LOT of kitchen cabinets. In fact, it’s something of a specialty of ours. No matter how many we paint, however, we just never get tired of the incredible transformations.

Our clients’ excitement doesn’t hurt either!

Today, let’s take a closer look at Luke and Emily’s beautiful kitchen in Turlock, and the new look our cabinet painting team was able to provide.

Cabinet Painting and Choosing Just the Right Colors

This kitchen was a perfect cabinet painting candidate:

  • The size and layout already worked well for Luke and Emily
  • The cabinets were good quality, and in good condition
  • The space needed fresh color, but certainly not a full remodel

The existing cabinet color was the classic honey pecan that you see in so many kitchens of a certain age, exuding a builder-grade aesthetic that really doesn’t stand out. We changed that, and fast!

The cabinets themselves are now Pure White, and for the island we used Black Iron. An accent island is a stylish choice, creating a stark contrast against the cabinet color, and a little visual interest right in the center.

What do you think?

Let’s Talk Cabinet Painting

There is just no better way to radically update your kitchen without the mess and expense of a full remodel! If you have questions about the cabinet painting process, or your options, please feel free to contact us. It’d be a pleasure to talk cabinets with you.