Exterior painting is an art and a science, delivering both curb appeal and essential surface protection. More than maybe any other home improvement task, this is the point where form and function come together.

That’s why we take your exterior painting project so seriously. Our goal is to offer an awesome, smooth experience, and to add real value by doing the job the right way.

Did You Know...

80% of a successful exterior painting project depends on preparation? If your painter skimps on prepping the surface, repairing as needed, cleaning, and priming, you’re going to have premature paint failure. It pays to do it right, even if it means hiring a slightly more expensive painting company that has a reliable reputation.

Exterior House Painting in Modesto

Let’s take a look at a recent project we finished for the Carter family in Modesto! The 54-second video below is one of the best ways to review the process, start to finish, but we’ve also included a breakdown of our typical exterior painting steps and procedures below. Every project and surface is a little different, so we’ll discuss your specific plan in detail with you.

  • We begin with a clear, detailed estimate that outlines every detail of your project scope
  • Surface preparation, including repairs that may be needed (cracked stucco, wood rot, etc.)
  • We also are careful to protect your landscaping and surrounding surfaces
  • Caulking
  • Sanding
  • Priming (as needed)
  • Painting

The right tools and procedures, along with careful attention to detail, are what gives our paint finishes a long, beautiful life.

Ready To Paint? We’re Here to Help!

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