Your Health Is Our Top Priority!

It's no secret that the Coronavirus is dominating the headlines these days. We wanted to address the issue head-on, taking every step to protect you, our awesome team, and our community.

Here's a closer look at our current policies, and we invite any and all questions.

What Are We Doing To Keep You Safe?

  • We provide and utilize portable restrooms with wash stations on job sites (dependent on availability and property accessibility)
  • We’ve shifted to virtual meetings
  • Mandatory sick days (with paid time off) for any employees who aren't feeling well
  • Team members in the field are maintaining a 6-foot distance, just to be cautious
  • Out of respect for you, we're skipping handshakes for now!
  • We’ve educated our team in best health practices, including frequent hand washing and using hand sanitizer
  • We frequently clean high-touch surfaces

We're so grateful for your ongoing trust. And, while we are of course staying vigilant and taking precautions, we're also staying positive and optimistic. Life goes on, and we know we'll all get through this together.