In this time of social distancing, do you have the itch for home improvement like never before? We get it! Here at Lancaster Painting, we’re working responsibly and following all recommended guidelines, but we also are helping our friends and neighbors keep up on their project ideas.

Our concrete coating division is especially popular right now. We can transform concrete floors of all types, creating a high-value improvement with little-to-no personal interaction (if you prefer!).

As an example, take a closer look at this concrete porch floor coating we installed in Oakdale, CA.

Porch Floor Coating: A Drastic 1-DAY Transformation!

Concrete works hard, and often has a very utilitarian look. And, while most homeowners don’t want their flooring to look like it belongs in a warehouse, they aren’t really sure of what options they have for systems that will stand up to wear and tear.

This is where our floor coatings really shine. Check out the benefits:

  • 1-day installation
  • Rapid curing time
  • 15-year residential warranty
  • Beautiful color blends to choose from, or create your own
  • Low-maintenance
  • Slip-resistant
  • Commercial-grade durability

And, what a difference!

Do We Prep the Floor First?

Absolutely. Every step is designed for lasting results - no cut corners or band-aid fixes.

Just like a wall is prepped and sanded before painting, our process begins with filling and mending cracks, grinding the surface smooth, cleaning, applying the base coat, then the chips, and finally a high-performance polyaspartic topcoat.

Have a Question About Our Central Valley Floor Coatings?

We’d love to talk with you. You can learn more about our services here, and then we invite you to contact us directly to discuss your project.