Spring is a season for fresh starts and transformations!

We’d mention spring cleaning too, but that conjures up mental images of organizing closets and clearing ancient school snacks out of pantries. Yikes.

If you’re into that, enjoy! But if you’re looking for something even bigger and more satisfying, how about a total garage transformation? 

Our concrete floor coatings are wildly popular, keeping our flooring team busy throughout the Central Valley. From garages to patios, poolside spaces to porches, our polyurea system is a perfect fit. 

Project Spotlight! The Best Coating for a Garage Floor

After Clare contacted us for a free consultation, we scheduled a thorough concrete analysis and walked her through the process (and what makes our system so different than older epoxy options). 

Clare then chose a beautiful Domino color system; we bring samples, much like paint swatches for a wall, so that you can visualize the different colors and blends in your space. 

Next, we got to work!

  1. Filled any cracks or blemishes with a specialized mender
  2. We ground the surface to create the perfect, receptive surface
  3. Applied a base coat
  4. Spread the Domino chip blend
  5. Applied a polyurea topcoat 

A typical application can be done in just 1 day, but it’s 4x stronger than epoxy. Best of all, especially for garages, you’ll never need to worry about chipping, peeling, or hot-tire pickup

What a difference!

Ready for Your Own Concrete Coating?

We’re ready to help! You can learn more here, or feel free to contact us directly for a free consultation, or with any questions. You also might enjoy taking a closer look at our Facebook page where we post all the latest project photos and testimonials.