Most of the time cabinet painting is an elective process; you’re ready for a new look in your kitchen, so you hire a painting company to work their magic at YOUR pace and on YOUR schedule. 

For our friends Rodolfo and Pilar, this wasn’t quite the way it happened. 

A pipe broke under their kitchen island, flooding the space and making a full, unplanned remodel necessary. Overnight they found themselves navigating a stressful situation, finding and fielding their own service providers and just hoping they were hiring “good” people. 

“Auspicious the day we found Lancaster Painting!” says Pilar and Rodolfo. And we’re so glad they did too! Take a moment to review the project photos below, and then be sure to read their full Google Review. It’s worth it!

A Full Kitchen Repaint Made As Easy and Convenient As Possible

"First of all, I want to say sorry for taking so long to write this review, but I had to come back and leave a proper one because this team and this business deserve all the praise! This was our first time remodeling our kitchen, and not by choice, as we had to change everything when a pipe broke under our kitchen island and flooded the space. From then on, it has been a difficult process, especially when trying to find reliable people to work on the different elements which needed to be restored and us not knowing any businesses or having any such connections within our area. Auspicious the day we found Lancaster Painting! This team has all the qualities you seek and the finished results speak for themselves. Professional, punctual, friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, clean, skilled, and precise! I have to say this, in the process of restoring our kitchen we have come across businesses which gave us more stress and work on our side, Lancaster, by contrast, made it easier for us and always delivered at or more than what they promised. Until you go through a process like this, you cannot imagine all the problems you run into just finding the right people and we are so grateful Lancaster are those right people. From the first call with Heriberto Ornelas (Sales Representative) who was very informative and attentive to details, to when we signed the contract, and he connected me with Andrei Sogol, (Supervisor), who was highly professional and an expert in his trade, who then assigned the job to Javier and Ramiro, who were amazing, the experience was pleasant throughout. They finished all the painting (cabinets plus walls) in three days, exactly as promised, and everything looks absolutely incredible! We have received nothing but complements since then and it is a shame we cannot give them more stars. We would also like to thank Kimberly and Jennifer (Scheduling) for all your time, patience, excellent customer service, and hard work! Now we know who to call if we ever need more paint jobs! We highly recommend this business :)" 
- Rodolfo and Pilar, Google Reviews

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