If you follow us on social media (right here!), you’ve probably seen photo after photo of beautiful garage floor transformations. Our process takes tired, stained concrete to a showroom level, with durability to match. 

But did you know that we can coat your outdoor concrete too? As an example, take a closer look at this patio transformation in Merced, finished for Sean and Debbie. 

The Best Concrete Coating for a Patio

Here’s what we started with. When it’s not bare concrete, we often have existing paint or maybe an old epoxy coating to remove, and that’s no problem at all. Our process includes grinding the surface, often by hand for the more intricate areas, ensuring that any old material is removed and we have nothing but clean, receptive concrete to work with.

After grinding and repairs (filling any cracks or blemishes with a specialized mender), we applied our basecoat, chip, broadcast, then polyaspartic topcoat. We’ll dig into the day-to-day benefits below, but first here’s a look at the finished product.

Can We Coat Concrete Steps?

You bet! We included the steps in our scope of work here for Sean and Debbie, totally transforming their outdoor concrete.

What Are the Benefits of an Outdoor Concrete Coating?

Well, first and foremost, most of our clients are excited about the new style. Concrete is practical, but it’s not exactly aesthetically pleasing. The fact that we can coat patios, walkways, driveways, and poolside spaces is a huge bonus, turning bland surfaces into a focal point. 

Beyond that, our coatings offer several other key benefits:

  • 4x stronger than traditional epoxy coatings
  • Flexibility, meaning that they won’t grow brittle or crack over time
  • Easy to clean and maintain (a simple power wash or mopping with light cleaner is all you need)
  • Slip-resistant - no more slick concrete!
  • Can be customized however you’d like
  • 15-year residential warranty

Do You Have Any More Questions About Our Concrete Coating Services in the Central Valley?

We’re here to help! You can find more info on our website, or please feel free to contact us directly.