Warning: the following content may result in a high level of kitchen inspiration, dissatisfaction with current cabinet finishes, and an overwhelming desire for fresh style. 

Well, you’ve been warned. 

Our team just finished another cabinet painting project, this time in Turlock, CA. Our client was a perfect candidate with a nice kitchen, solid cabinets, and a need for updated style. Don’t get us wrong: sometimes natural wood finishes are a perfect fit, but other times they create a heavy, dated vibe, especially if your kitchen doesn’t have ample natural light. 

After we shared a clear proposal that detailed the exact scope of work, our client gave us the green light to get started. 

Professional Cabinet Painting for the Win!

Ashoor and team handled this project, starting with thorough preparation. For cabinet painting especially, these early steps make all the difference, from carefully masking the space to prepping the surfaces themselves. 

Interested in a few more details?

  • Thorough surface cleaning

  • Removing doors and drawer faces, then moving them to a spray booth (and did you know we have a mobile spray shop for even more efficient work?)

  • Light surface repairs

  • Cleaning and sanding

  • Priming

  • Multiple coats applied with a sprayer to create a smooth, factory-like finish

  • Painting the cabinet boxes (remember, no demolition is required!)

  • Reassembly and final touch-ups

Check out the results!

Have More Questions About Cabinet Painting?

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