We know how it is… You’ve been meaning to get to that exterior repaint, but every year you wonder if it’s really time, or if you could get another year out of it. Trust us. We’re homeowners too, so we totally understand what it means to prioritize projects, get distracted with other things, keep our budgets in check, etc.

Let’s kick off this discussion with a quick pro tip: delaying your painting project doesn’t save money or time. 

In fact, the opposite is true. Waiting until total paint failure drives up the cost of your next repaint since more time needs to be spent on repairs, prep, caulking, etc. Routine maintenance, power washing, and touch-ups is actually a MUCH more cost-effective approach, and puts you in the driver’s seat since it’s proactive rather than reactive. 

Time to paint your house? Watch for these red flags

#1: Cracked, peeling, or flaking paint

Yikes. This is a sure sign that it can’t be put off any longer. Not only does it look unsightly, but remember: paint is a protective barrier, shielding against UV damage, pests, rot, moisture, and more. Once your paint fails, the shields are let down and your home is vulnerable. 

#2: Check the condition of your exterior caulking

That gummy caulking around your windows, doors, and other gaps/seams is there to keep your home efficient and protected from the elements (and critters). When it gets brittle and begins to break down, it’s a good sign that you need to call a painter to assess and make recommendations. 

#3: Cracked stucco or damaged wood siding

Hairline cracks in your stucco are normal, but they need to be watched closely. If they begin to widen you should call a painter for professional stucco patching and painting, just to make sure the problem doesn’t worsen and you don’t open your home to further damage. And if you have wood siding with rot, the impacted wood needs to be removed and replaced, then primed and painted. 

#4: Watch for fading

Especially on the sides of your home with the most weather exposure, it’s crucial to watch for fading and discoloration. These are warning signs that paint failure is on its way, opening that small window of opportunity to refresh and repaint before there’s a full breakdown. 

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