When was the last time you checked out trending exterior paint colors? The classics are still a solid choice, but you’ll find a whole host of bolder, darker, richer options too. Even black, typically known for being austere and intimidating, is right near the top of the charts. 

Today, let’s dig into exactly why dark house paint is so popular, and then we’ll share a real-life project we just finished in Modesto. 

Why are dark paint colors so popular?

  1. They’re modern and trendy. Pretty straightforward, right? Once a paint color starts getting popular, and it’s seen in more and more places, it builds organic momentum. That’s exactly what’s happening with black, navy blue, and other darker color options. 

  2. Strategically minimize elements around your home. Normally washing out details is a bad thing, but if there’s something you’d like to cover or hide, dark house paint is a good choice. It tends to make an impact as a whole, rather than draw your eye to certain elements. With that said, if you want to either distract the eye or accentuate a certain aspect of your property, try painting it a lighter color as an accent.

  3. Lots of variety. Wait…variety? Wouldn’t black be the most limiting paint color choice possible? Definitely not! There are endless shades and hues to choose from, from midnight to charcoal gray. Some with hints of blue and others with warmer undertones. Plus, you have sheens to choose from too, dictated by both your own taste and the nature/condition of your siding. You have loads of options. 

Exterior painting in Modesto: a beautiful example!

What we love about this house is that you really get the best of both worlds. There’s the striking, modern aesthetic thanks to the black, but you also have the classic white. Polar opposites, but they work SO well together, each with a timeless style. 

Plus, the white adds balance to the black, ensuring that nothing feels monochromatic or dark. 

What should you consider before painting your house?

The biggest consideration is the color you choose, and the quality of the paint job. As we just said, you have so many different black color choices, plus sheens. You have to get it right, factoring in your specific home and materials, plus the age and condition of your siding. One size does NOT fit all. 

Working with a professional painting company is a must, and we’d also recommend talking to a color consultant. They can help you navigate your options, offering helpful suggestions and insights along the way. 

Have more questions about exterior house painting in the Central Valley? Contact us at Lancaster Painting! We’re here to help and would love to partner with you on your project.