When you buy a Penntek concrete floor coating, you’re buying peace of mind. Every stage of the install is designed to perform and backed by an industry-leading warranty. But what does that warranty include?

We spend a lot of time explaining what makes our concrete floor coatings so unique here in the Central Valley. That’s because rather than offer your run-of-the-mill epoxy system, we carefully selected a product that we know will meet your needs for years and years to come. 

Polyurea is different. It’s 4x stronger than epoxy, won’t fade, chip, or peel, and won’t discolor over time. And that warranty? Well, that’s pretty different too.

This is where the rubber meets the road and we want to help you fully understand what’s included, what isn’t, and what kind of coverage you can expect. Let’s dig into it together. 

What’s included in Penntek’s floor coating warranty? 

We offer a 15-year warranty that covers:

  • Yellowing or fading from UV rays

  • Chipping, peeling, delaminating, or separating (including interior, exterior, vertical, and horizontal surfaces)

  • A guarantee that your Penntek product will be free from defects and totally failure-free for 15 years

And a few more things to keep in mind:

  • If you have a single point of damage, your entire floor will NOT be replaced. We’ll instead cover the cost of a spot repair.

  • For a repair to be made while under warranty, Penntek requires that a Penntek representative or trained installer provides an assessment and determines the cause of failure.

What’s excluded from Penntek’s concrete coating warranty?

Knowing what’s covered is crucial, but knowing the exclusions is equally important. 

  • A violation of local codes or ordinances automatically voids your warranty, as does applying our coatings to surfaces (and environments) they were not intended for. 

  • Abuse, neglect, or accidental damage is not covered by your warranty. Animal damage, alterations to the surface, or cutting materials that result in surface damage are all examples of negligent or accidental damage.

  • Fire and smoke damage are not covered by your warranty. 

  • Failing to install the coating in accordance with Penntek Industrial Coatings’ instructions also voids your warranty. This includes a failure to remove previous coatings or concrete treatments: residue from oils, grease, efflorescence, water repellents, etc. Mechanical grinding and preparation is essential. 

  • Improper installation: mixing products in an unapproved fashion, applying products over existing coatings, using inferior paints, etc. 

  • Injury due to slipping is also not covered. Penntek products are not fully slip-resistant. Extra coatings and additives can be included to increase traction, but they are still not fully “slip-resistant,” and Penntek (and its dealers) are not responsible for injuries incurred. 

Do you need to file a Penntek concrete coating claim?

If you notice a point of damage or what appears to be product failure, you can file a claim to have the defective area repaired, replaced, or refunded. Please contact us with any concerns or questions; we can help you by evaluating the space then submitting a claim (if needed). 

We want your floor coating to be a success in every way.