Every painting project we take on is unique in its own way, and satisfying in its own way too. Sometimes it’s a critical repair that’s taken care of, a drastic color transformation, or maybe an update that turns tired curb appeal into some serious wow factor. That’s all part of why we love what we do. 

In this case, we finished a painting project in Modesto that not only delivered fresh style for the home’s exterior, but we also had the opportunity to paint and refresh their patio structure too. Having a bonus space like this in time for spring is essential, turning an outdoor space into a real extension of the home with a crisp, clean aesthetic. 

Let’s dive into the details! We’ll outline the steps we took, plus share the colors the homeowner chose. 

Exterior house painting in Modesto

Did you know that preparation is 80% of a successful paint job? If your siding isn’t clean and fully prepped, your fresh paint won’t have a strong grip on the surface. That means that it won’t look as good or last as long. So there’s one pro tip for the day: before you hire an exterior painter, make SURE you know exactly what kind of prep is included in the estimate! It should be clearly outlined. 

In this case, we took the following steps:

  • First, we power washed the home.

  • We then did some light stucco patching, catching any trouble spots early.

  • Next, we primed the home with Seal-Krete.

  • All of the fascia along the roofline got a spot prime where needed with KM Multi-Purpose primer before painting.

  • Last but not least, we sprayed and back rolled the stucco. This technique allows for efficient, speedy coverage with the sprayer, then the roller works the paint deep into the surfaces for the best adhesion.

The fascia was painted in Brierwood Green, and the primary house color is Summer Sandcastle

house painting in modesto

Painting and staining a patio structure

How about that outdoor area? Here’s a look at our process and products:

  • Having finished with the power washing, and after letting the surfaces dry, we primed the ceiling and fascia with KM multi-purpose primer (on the wood areas).
  • For the metal beams we used DTM (direct to metal) primer that's specifically formulated to grip to metal surfaces, creating the perfect base for your topcoats of paint. 
  • All of the wood was painted in KM4688 Summer Sandcastle to match the exterior of the home, except for the beams. 
  • To really protect and highlight the natural wood, we used a transparent stain. 

Do you have questions about house painting in Modesto?

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