Paint Your Home Happy

Paint Your Home Happy

Aug 17, 2018

Sure, color is a matter of taste, but more and more, we’re choosing paint color combinations based on how the colors make us feel. Want to paint your home happy? Read on and see how the colors we choose can affect our moods and outlooks.

Yellow - We’re Feeling Fine in the Sunshine

The color yellow tends to make us feel optimistic and happy-go-lucky. Retailers and restaurants use color to encourage those feelings. Step into a yellow and white bakery, and settle in for a cup of coffee. We feel comfortable and we’d like to stay. You can use that same philosophy in both interior and exterior painting projects.

Greens & Blues - Calm Waters Ahead

Want to feel cool, calm and collected? Maybe evoke that spa-like feeling at home? Consider a color palette that is based in blues and greens. These colors have long been thought to calm folks down and encourage peaceful thoughts.

Red - High Voltage Energy

While bright red may not be your first choice for your home’s entire exterior, red is very effective as an exterior accent color, or as an added pop of color in your home. Red fosters feelings of high energy, which might be a nice touch in your basement game room or kitchen, but not necessarily in your baby’s nursery.

A Neutral Compromise

In general, neutrals exert a more calming effect. If you view your home as your haven, you may lean more toward neutral whites, grays and creams. But you can still experience color through trim, accent walls and accessories. Color isn’t all or nothing. Different colors will appeal to us at different times in our lives. Luckily, changing out color via paint is a relatively easy task.

Not certain what color really speaks to you right now? You have several options. First, consult with a colorist. They’ll work with you to help you decide what color is best, given the rest of your home.

Another option is to head out and look for inspiration in both the homes in your community, and the nature right outside your back door.

Talk To Your Central Valley Painting Company

Once you’ve settled on a color, do your research and find a local paint professional to bring your color dreams to life. In addition to color consultations, they can advise you on the perfect paint type and sheen for your particular job. Get an estimate and start dreaming in color.

Working together, you’ll be certain to make your home your happy place for real!

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