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Painting Shutters - Don’t Miss a Colorful Opportunity!

Painting Shutters - Don’t Miss a Colorful Opportunity!

Feb 28, 2018

Do your shutters make you shudder?

Well, maybe that’s a bit extreme... But, if you’re like most homeowners here in the Central Valley, your shutters are likely overlooked. After all, when you think about exterior painting, you probably think first about the color of your siding, trim, and maybe the front door.

Shutters can add a lot to a home’s curb appeal, and that means that tired shutters can detract a lot, too.

Let’s take a look at a real example from a recent exterior painting project.

Before and After: Shutter Painting in the Central Valley

As part of a larger painting strategy, we addressed the worn, faded, brown shutters on this lovely home. After proper surface preparation, we brought them to life with a totally refreshed look, creating a drastic improvement to the property’s overall style.

What do you think?

Choosing Shutter Colors

The first step is to simply not take the color for granted, or assume that it doesn’t really matter since shutters are relatively small. Color does matter, and can carry a lot of weight.

Dark paint, for example, can make your windows look smaller, while lighter colors tend to make them appear larger. Conservative color choices like black (or other very dark options) don’t draw much attention to themselves, while brighter and bolder choices certainly do. Because of this, it’s important to think through your overall goals, and whether you want your shutters to be a statement or simply support the overall palette.

As you consider your shutter colors, keep in mind your trim, body color, and doors as well. Your exterior palette is a total package that needs to work together, and the elements should never compete with each other. This is where a professional color consultant can provide invaluable insight and ideas!

Your home’s exterior paint is like picking an outfit that you’ll never take off for 10 or so years. It’s worth taking your time and choosing wisely!

Exterior House Painting in the Central Valley

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