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Repainting Your Kitchen Cabinetry: All the WOW Right Now

Repainting Your Kitchen Cabinetry:  All the WOW Right Now

Sep 30, 2018

Tired of your existing kitchen?

It happens to all of us. We moved in, and everything was perfect (location, location, location) and we decided that we could make do with the oak cabinetry, or the vintage pine, even though it wasn’t our first choice.

But, what if you could find that happy place between keeping your current kitchen and starting all over? You can. Repainting your kitchen cabinetry may be just the boost your kitchen needs to turn it into your true happy place.

Repainting Your Kitchen Cabinetry = Immediate Gratification


In the grand scheme of remodeling, having your kitchen cabinets repainted can provide a much-needed facelift at a cost far less than installing new cabinetry. And it’s a lot quicker too. By the time you order cabinets, wait the allotted delivery time, arrange for removal and installation, the timeline increases dramatically.

Repainting Your Kitchen Cabinetry: Color Your World Your Perfect Shade

You can pick any color you want. How cool is that? Forget choosing any shade you like, as long as it’s neutral. Repainting your kitchen cabinetry puts you, and your individual style, in charge. The key to success: find a professional with experience painting kitchen cabinetry. Skill and experience go a long way in making certain your repainted cabinets will stand up to the rigors of everyday life. A quality painting contractor can recommend the perfect paint for the job, and they can also address the nicks and dings before paint is applied. The result? Beautiful, long-lasting cabinets that match your taste to a t.

Repainted Kitchen Cabinets are a Good Fit, Literally

Just like us, our homes change a little over time. They shift and settle. Repainting your existing cabinetry means that you won’t need to deal with corners that aren’t as square as they used to be. You won’t need to address gaps between the new cabinets and the existing wall. And, provided your cabinets are in good shape, you have a strong foundation. Repainting your existing kitchen cabinetry, and maybe adding new hardware to boot, is the ideal way to get all the wow of a new kitchen, without the wait. It’s a win-win all around, adding value and showcasing your own personal style, at the same time. Talk about wow, now!

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