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Snowbound In Turlock, CA? Exterior Painting with a Chilly White

Snowbound In Turlock, CA? Exterior Painting with a Chilly White

Jul 25, 2017

In the world of interior painting, neutral white is a massively popular color. In fact, it’s still ranked as one of the trending colors of 2017, finding its way into living rooms, kitchens, and basically any other space where you need a versatile backdrop.

In part, this popularity is due to just how well it gets along with other colors you might like to introduce through decorations, artwork, furniture, etc... It’s also popular, however, because white paint is timeless, classy, and creates a feeling of brightness and space by reflecting light rather than absorbing it.

Did you know that the same benefits apply when you paint your home’s exterior white?

A Refreshing, White Exterior House Paint in Turlock

If you’re considering white paint in or around your home, don’t think that a sheet of printer paper is your only color option. The variations are nearly endless, adding just another reason to love this neutral direction. Explore what others have done with white on sites like Houzz.com, or simply talk to your local painter to discuss their experience/recommendations.

In this case, our client chose a gorgeous option from Sherwin-Williams’ SuperPaint line that provides a little warmth while still offering that bright, clean charm. Specifically, the color is Snowbound 7004, and we used Iron Ore for the trim.

Here’s a closer look at the transformation.

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