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  • New Paint Transforms Historical Merced Restaurant: Look at Trevinos Now!

New Paint Transforms Historical Merced Restaurant: Look at Trevinos Now!

New Paint Transforms Historical Merced Restaurant:  Look at Trevinos Now!

Jun 12, 2018

Underneath it all, she was beautiful.  But time and the elements had taken a toll on the grand building.  The paint was peeling off in patches.  The magnificent architectural details were being worn away.  Trevinos, a landmark Mexican restaurant at the corner of K and West Main in Merced, was about to undergo a transformation, courtesy of Lancaster Painting.

First, Get the Lead Out

Any painter worth his or her salt will tell you that careful preparation is the first step to a successful finish.  The Trevinos transformation began with the removal of loose lead paint.  There’s a specific protocol dictated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for lead paint removal in buildings constructed before 1978.  The EPA requires contractors who perform lead paint removal to be certified and follow specific work practices to keep both employees and the local community safe.  In accordance with good practices, the team at Lancaster Painting was fully suited up when they scraped down and disposed of the lead paint.  Safety for everyone in projects involving lead is job one.

Primed for Success

Surface preparation continued by priming with Kelbond.  Primer is an essential step and one that can be easily overlooked.  A quality painting professional considers primer to be an essential step.  Granted, you should never see the primer when the job is finished, but the application ensures that your colors remain true and clear for years to come.  A professional paint job is layered from the inside out to create a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

Quality Takes a Little Time, But Not Too Much!



The entire Trevinos job took the team at Lancaster Painting approximately one month.  If the weather had cooperated, it’s possible they may have finished within three weeks.  Given the scope of the project, lead mitigation, stucco repairs and two coats of low luster Superpaint, it was a rapid transformation.

Sometimes there’s more to a painting project than paint, and that was certainly true with Trevinos.  To do the job properly, the team had to address some dry rot issues as part of the surface preparation.  Deemed a historical building, color choices had to be approved by the architecture committee, and nuts and bolts details like encroachment permits had to be secured to block off sidewalks when it was time to get to work.

One month later, you may not recognize Trevinos.  Dressed in new shades of alabaster, rock wood red and comfort gray, she’s certainly ready to greet guests.  And to think, it all began with the idea of taking something great, and making it even better. Anyone in the mood for Mexican?

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