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Where Should You Use Dark Colors in Your Home?

Where Should You Use Dark Colors in Your Home?

Sep 13, 2017

When it comes to paint choices, do you have a color palette that speaks to you? Some people tend towards warm colors like reds and oranges, while others prefer the cooler shades of purples and greens. Each color has a different effect on the style and feel of a room. Regardless of whether your color palette includes warm or cool colors, there’s always the option for strong shades.

The Psychology of Strong Colors

Dark paint choices, also called strong colors, can have an interesting effect on the mood of a given room. Where darker shades of burgundy can evoke a studious, sophisticated feel (think personal study), strong shades of crimson can increase feelings of intensity.

Dark colors also tend to make a room feel closer, which can be great for sizing down a large visiting room. In small portions, blacks and dark grays give a sense of precision and strength. Check out this article for a breakdown of how certain colors influence the mood of a room.

4 Tips For Where to Paint it Dark

One tip to remember is that room colors are typically chosen based on the permanent fixtures. Think of it this way: you can always change the colors on your walls, but that thousand dollar couch was here first, and it’s not going anywhere!

  • Decor- When working with dark colors, it’s no secret that too much will make or break the aesthetic. It’s best to work in harmony with the patterns and colors of your furniture and upholstery. For example, a dark chocolate wall will draw out other browns in your curtains or rugs.
  • Lighting- When you have a lot of natural light to work with, you can afford to be more broad in your use of strong paint colors. Consider using darker colors on opposing accent walls, or in areas where window light is directly cast. This will help to naturally brighten the feel of a dark wall.
  • Small Spaces- When a space is small and well-lit, dark colors can provide a clean, studious feel. Areas like personal libraries, walk-in closets, and other nooks are great places to experiment with going dark.
  • Accent Areas- Strong colors make powerful accents, and the placement options are endless. The smaller the area, the more frequently you can use dark colors in your home. Dark splashes of color are great for trimwork, kitchen backsplashes, staircase walls, and more.

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