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Why Hire Professional Cabinet Painters for Your Central Valley Home?

Why Hire Professional Cabinet Painters for Your Central Valley Home?

Nov 13, 2017

We sometimes hear it said in the painting industry, and each time, we have to smile and shrug it off. It’s the words, “I could do that myself!” Interior painting is one area of home improvement that homeowners tend to view as something they could do on their own; this is largely because they’re not aware of what goes into a given painting project.

While painting bathroom cabinets might not seem like a daunting, difficult task, there’s a world of difference between a professional paint job and a do-it-yourself project.

We recently performed a high-end painting and staining job on a bathroom vanity. The vanity transformed in appearance from a worn out set of cabinets to a modern masterpiece. It seemed like an excellent example of why it truly pays to have your cabinets, or any interior painting project, done professionally.

6 Steps to Transforming Your Bathroom Cabinets

  1. Remove the cabinets. This includes removing hardware and hinges, as well as labeling each piece so you can properly reassemble it all afterwards.
  2. Wash the doors. Cabinets accumulate dirt and grease over years of usage. Part of any thorough prep work involves washing and cleaning. In this case, we used Simple Green cleaner to cut through the surface grease.
  3. Sand and prime. Using a medium-high grit sandpaper, we sanded the cabinets to remove the old surface layer of stain and lacquer. Next, we applied an initial coat of primer directly to the bare wood.
  4. Sand and caulk. Once the primer had dried and bonded to the wood, we sanded the surface again with a high grit sandpaper. We applied caulking to areas around the trim, filling in any minor splits and cracks.
  5. Paint and stain. We selected a high-end paint in the color Modern White, and applied two coats. Once it was thoroughly dried, we used a Modern Walnut stain around the perimeter of the doors.
  6. Detailing. As we stained, we followed with a clean cloth moistened with mineral spirits. This way, we could clean any unwanted drips and ensure crisp, straight lines.

The result of investing the professional care and attention made all the difference. These cabinets have done more than just change color. They’ve become a positive investment in the value of the home.

Experience the Difference of Professionally Painted Cabinets

Looking to have your bathroom cabinetry painted or stained? There’s a lot that goes into ensuring your cabinets are not only beautifully painted, but also cleaned, repaired, and reinstalled properly. Contact the experts at Lancaster Painting for your next project, and experience the difference of professionally painted cabinets!

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