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Manteca, CA Concrete Coating Company

As a local business with over 35 Years of experience, no one knows Manteca flooring better than Lancaster Painting! Although we started out as a paint contractor, we’ve expanded our service offerings over the last decade and today are proud to be the only Penntek-certified concrete coating company anywhere in the Central Valley. 

Through our affiliation with Penntek, we’re equipped to install some of the most customizable and durable floors—both inside and outside of your Manteca home—in as little as a single day. You can count on our in-house, award-winning, Penntek-trained experts for all kinds of fast flooring updates:

  • Garage Floor Coatings
  • Patio Floor Coatings
  • Driveway & Walkway Coatings
  • Pool Deck Coatings

Tough Garage Floor Coatings

If you’ve been settling for plain, unfinished concrete on your garage floors, it’s time to invest in a much more durable and value-adding solution! Our Manteca garage floor coatings are designed to protect your floors from the daily stress of heavy vehicles, harsh cleaning agents, changing temperatures, and constant moisture exposure. They’re fully customized to you for a stylish look that’s incredibly tough.

Beautiful Patio Floor Coatings

Are grimy, cracked floors dragging down your enjoyment of your outdoor patio? In just one day, our Manteca flooring technicians can apply one of our stylish residential floor coatings—not simply filling and covering existing imperfections but also creating a brand-new look you’re sure to love. With the help of our flooring experts, you can choose every detail of your floor installation:

  • Epoxy or Polyurea Base
  • Matte or Gloss Top Coat
  • Smooth or Slip-Resistant Texture
  • Solid, Chip Blend, Quartz, or Metallic Finish
  • ... And More!

We can even color-match our concrete floor coatings to guarantee the perfect aesthetic.

Manteca Driveway & Walkway Coatings

The same strength that makes our Manteca concrete coatings ideal for your garage also makes them perfect for your driveway and walkway! Constant foot traffic and heavy vehicles are no match for our multilayered floor coatings. The exact formulation will depend on the system you choose, but every floor has at least three layers—primer, basecoat, and topcoat—for an exceptionally durable result.

Your new driveway or walkway floor coating will:

  • Stay Tough Against Sun, Water, and Heavy Traffic
  • Repair Minor Imperfections or Deep Cracks with Ease
  • Cure Rapidly for Quick Use
  • Maintain a Rich, Even Color Across Large Areas
  • Be Protected by Penntek’s 15-Year Warranty

Slip-Resistant Pool Deck Coatings

In a slippery area like your pool deck, safety matters just as much as durability or beauty—and all of our residential floor coatings can be formulated with slip-resistant textures to help prevent slips and falls. The UV-resistant finish will ensure an attractive look for many years to come.

Reach out for an On-Site or Virtual Concrete Coating Estimate in Manteca

Ready to see all of our options for beautiful, durable flooring by Penntek? Then get started by contacting our painting and concrete coating experts in Manteca! Give us a call, fill out our online form, or directly upload a quick video to receive a free cost estimate for your customized concrete coating.